Procedure for Reporting Incidents

If you believe someone is in physical danger, including from themselves, the most important thing is to get that person help.

If you do feel your safety in jeopardy please do not hesitate to contact local law enforcement by dialing 1155 (tourist police) or 191 (Thai language). If you do not have a cell phone, simply ask a staff member

If you believe someone has violated the Code of Conduct , we encourage you to report it. If you are unsure whether the incident is a violation, or whether the space where it happened is covered by the Code of Conduct, we encourage you to still report it. We are fine with receiving reports where we decide to take no action for the sake of creating a safer space.

How to report


  • Conference staff will be wearing a conference t-shirt/button with the word “STAFF” on it (or otherwise clearly marked as staff). The staff will also be prepared to handle the incident. All of our staff are informed of the Code of Conduct and guide for handling harassment at the conference.
  • Report the harassment incident (preferably in writing) to a conference staff member. All reports are confidential. Please do not disclose public information about the incident until the staff have had sufficient time in which to address the situation. This is as much for your safety and protection as it is the other attendees.
  • When reporting the event to staff, try to gather as much information as available but do not interview people about the incident. Staff will assist you in writing the report/collecting information. ONLINE

You can either fill up this form attached, by email or via FB . and we will get back to you ASAP.


The members of the PyConTH event staff who monitor this account are:

  • Georgi Ker PyCon TH - Conference Lead
  • Dylan Jay


Depending on the actual incident, the first person you contact will identify the most suitable PyCon TH point of contact to deal with the incident. Please provide as much information as possible.

The important information when making a report via email, form or phone:

  • Your contact info (so we can get in touch with you if we need to follow up)
  • Identifying information of the reported person: name, physical appearance, height, clothing, voice accent, identifying badge information such as company name, ribbons, or badge number
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Location of incident
  • Whether the incident is ongoing
  • Description of the incident
  • The circumstances surrounding the incident.
  • Other people involved in or witnesses to the incident and their contact information or description


All reports will be kept confidential. When we discuss incidents with people who are reported, we will anonymize details as much as we can to protect reporter privacy.

However, some incidents happen in one-on-one interactions, and even if the details are anonymized, the reported person may be able to guess who made the report. If you have concerns about retaliation or your personal safety, please note those in your report. We still encourage you to report, so that we can support you while keeping our conference attendees safe. In some cases, we can compile several anonymized reports into a pattern of behavior, and take action on that pattern.

In some cases we may determine that a public statement will need to be made. If that’s the case, the identities of all victims and reporters will remain confidential unless those individuals instruct us otherwise.


When you make a report to an incident responder, they will gather information about the incident according to the Procedure For Incident Response.

After an incident responder takes the report, they will immediately consult with the PyCon TH staff, unless there is a conflict of interest (involved directly with one of the PyCon TH/APAC staff), in which case any non-interested parties will be contacted.

If the incident is ongoing and needs to be immediately addressed, any lead incident responder may take appropriate action to ensure the safety of everyone involved. If the situation requires it, this may take the form of a referral to an appropriate non-PyCon agency, including the local police. PyCon is not equipped to handle emergency situations.

If the incident is less urgent, the report will be discussed by the event staff, who will meet to determine an appropriate response. Examples of possible incident responses are outlined in the Procedure For Incident Response.

Before any large in-person gathering conference, staff will have a mandatory meeting where incident response procedures will be outlined. After the conference, all incident responders will attend a debriefing session with the lead responders to discuss all incidents and determine any necessary follow-up actions.


Incidents that violate the Code of Conduct are extremely damaging to the community, and they will not be tolerated. The silver lining is that, in many cases, these incidents present a chance for the offenders, and the community at large, to grow, learn, and become better. PyCon TH staff requests that they be your first resource when reporting a PyCon-related incident, so that they may enforce the Code of Conduct and take quick action toward a resolution.

This procedure has been adapted from the PyCon Procedure for Incident Handling.